Saturday, January 7, 2017

TEST - Looking for feedbacks

Looking to see if people like that 3D POV style video, feedbacks welcome in the comments section! I need your input, thanks!

Click here for 1440p video link!
1440p video link:


  1. It is GREAT.
    If you could do it in VR, it would be awesome!

  2. The distance of the camera makes it not seem POV to me. It seems more like a camera above two characters. I also think the lack of a slight camera movement adds to that effect.

  3. ^ Totally agree with you there, that was just a quick test, next video would have camera movement and closer field of view!

  4. Your use of lighting is getting much better... I don't have any issue with your models tbh, but for the most part, your animations do lack a certain dynamism in that the overall degree of motion is quite low... The above video is perfect, as as the video progresses, she becomes more and more voracious :D

    FOV seems okay, keep playing with it, I don't mind too much.

  5. Thanks for your feedback Daniel ! I'll Will work on that!

  6. Can you reupload?