Saturday, January 14, 2017

3D POV Pool Fuck

Since these files are too heavy, I cannot stream them on this site. So I hosted the files on my google drive, here's the download link:

(You have to right click and download, the google drive video player quality is crap)


  1. *gulp*

    Well, you've done it.

    This is top stuff, you've improved so much! <3

    The movement (that hair HNNNG), the model (hot damn), the lighting, the environments and the FOV.

    Damn near perfect.



  2. Thanks Daniel! This is a completely different engine, one that does not support having game characters in it, so this is why I wasnt sure about using it in the first place. I can't animate Elizabeth or Ivy using this method, sadly :(

    1. A shame indeed... :'(

      What is the program, if you don't mind my asking?
      Are you building your models from scratch? Could you?

      In terms of overall effectiveness, this engine serves as a better platform to showcase your talent imho; but I can't deny the fan-pleasing nature of using your old one :')

      Keep on chugging mate, you're doing brilliantly <3

  3. This shows great promise. Very dynamic and with more feeling behind it. I think if you can manage to show even more emotion on your characters it'll add much to the experience.(I know that's far from easy)

  4. when could we hope to see something like this in a VR mode?